Singer and actress Kim Min Seo appear in web drama "Anyway Anniversary"

Kim Min Seo appeared in 'Anyway Anniversary' is an omnibus romance drama featuring the first love of teenagers, directed by Kim Nam-Joo and Lee Min-hye of popular love web series 'Banana Actualy'. 


“Anniversary Anyway” is a Naver V original web drama that tells the story of six teenagers who are experiencing first love as they each get ready to celebrate an anniversary.
Hongseok has taken on the role of a sharp-minded 18-year-old boy named Hong Woo Jae who is a hopeless romantic for Cha Se Yi (MOMOLAND’s Nayun). Gyujin will play Gong Doo Jin, a boy who finds love more difficult than everything else in the world.


Min Seo took charge of sharing a schoolboy who thinks that romance is interrupted by study. It is expected that such a shared gin will express the complex subtle situations that arise as the emotions of love that are not related to one's own will grow. Min Seo, who has taken a snowboard with a super rookie last year, is cast in the lead role until the web drama "It's Okay To Be Sensitive 2" and "Anniversary Anyway" 


'Anyway Anniversary' will be released on Naver V LIVE (V App) every Tuesday and Friday at 7 pm from the 21st. 


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