Song Hye Kyo, Park Bo Young, Ji Chang Wook, Ha Ji Won ... are famous names that have failed to re-appear in 2019.

Mar 9, 2020

Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum in Encounter

In early 2019, Song Hye Kyo should be in love with Park Bo Gum, telling her tearful love story in "Encounter". Owning a stellar lineup, the film was once predicted to become a television blockbuster. But when it came to broadcast, "Encounter" was not as expected of the fans.
 Lee Soo Hyuk
The average rating of Encounter is 8.4%. This is not a bad achievement, if not good compared to the common ground for cable television. However, considering this achievement with works released at the same time as The Last Empress, SKY Castle, Encounter obviously proved to be out of breath. During the broadcast, the film continued to cool down though the crew tried to salvage it with the emotional scenes of the main couple.
The boring old topic, the boring script, the boring acting of Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum are the reasons why the audience gradually turned away from the drama. Many fans believe that the achievement of Encounter is not worthy of a huge capital of more than tens of millions of dollars, wasting efforts to invest overseas and the most famous cast in Korea.

Ji Chang Wook in Melting Me Softly

After leaving the army in April, Ji Chang Wook immediately returned to the screen, warming up his name with the romantic drama Melting Me Softly. By his solid acting ability, he can play any genre from action movies to romance, he has contributed to creating small screen phenomena such as Empress Ki, Healer, The K2 ... Therefore, fans believe that Melting Me Softly could be the actor's next super product.
 Lee Soo Hyuk
Melting Me Softly's rating is only 2-3% and has a record low of 1.2%. The audience regrets because Ji Chang Wook accidentally chose the wrong script, the content is boring and boring with old details like from 20 years ago. His co-star - Won Jin Ah - has little experience. Ji Chang Wook's appearance and acting are so good that he cannot erase the weaknesses of Melting Me Softly.

Park Bo Young in Abyss

The 29-year-old actress owns many stormy dramas like Oh My Ghost, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ... However, Park Bo Young was not lucky with Abyss this year. After nearly 2 months of broadcast, movie ratings are only around 3-4%, at times it is unbelievably low at 2%. Park Bo Young's reputation cannot save Abyss from falling out of rating.
Abyss blends many elements: comedy - romance, criminal, fantasy. But all of these factors have not been done yet. The plot is gloomy, the details are so awkward and it makes the audience unable to patiently follow the movie. In terms of acting, Park Bo Young maintained her style with a flexible expression. However, the remaining stellar units are Abyss's biggest disadvantages. Leading actor Ahn Hyo Seop froze. The supporting cast also does not have anyone outstanding. Park Bo Young and Ahn Hye Seop interact poorly, causing the film to lack true feelings.
 Lee Soo Hyuk

Park Min Young in Her Private Life

In 2018, Park Min Young made a fever as secretary Kim in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim ?. But Her Private Life was opened and ended by Park Min Young with a low achievement. The movie has gloomy ratings from the first episode, only 2.7%. The next episode only reached the rate of viewers at 3-4%.
Her Private Life tells the life of Sung Deok Mi - a crazy fan who was lucky enough to meet and was rumored to be the idol's girlfriend. Accompanied by rumors that were dangerous and troublesome, but Sung Deok Mi received protection from director Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook). Right from the first episode, the script has been criticized for lack of emphasis, the content is somewhat childish. Park Min Young's acting was rated as a color, awkward.
 Lee Soo Hyuk

Ha Ji Won with Chocolate

Ha Ji Won has made a name for herself in many hit films like Secret Garden, Empress Ki ... This year, she had a very poor comeback with the Chocolate . Broadcasting at the same time as the release of many other works such as VIP, Crash Landing on You, When the Camellia Blooms, the film proved completely inferior. It has been shown to episode 8 but Chocolate seems to be lost on the impressive movie map later this year.
Ha Ji Won's acting in the film encountered many mixed opinions. A part of the audience said that her performance did not decline. But there are also fans disappointed because of the 41-year-old beauty's exaggerated, unnatural expression. Chocolate writers have a somewhat ridiculous character building. Therefore, no matter how good Ha Ji Won is, the audience can hardly sympathize with her character. Chocolate also suffers from many other disadvantages such as bland script, cliche.
 Lee Soo Hyuk