Song Hye Kyo shares pregnancy and children's careers

Nov 19, 2020

Six years ago, when Song Hye Kyo had the opportunity to act with actor Kang Dong Won in the movie "My Brilliant Life". In the film, Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo play a couple who are the same age as they are in real life. The character Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo play became parents at the age of 17, they have a son with premature aging. The transformation into the role of a mother made Song Hye Kyo receive a lot of love from netizens and the media.
Song Hye Kyo
Also on this occasion, Song Hye Kyo shared her views on marriage and childbirth.
Over the years, Song Hye Kyo's old interview was suddenly hot again. According to many people, the reason is probably due to recently, a friend of Song Hye Kyo revealed that she planned to become pregnant when she married Song Joong Ki.
When Song Hye Kyo divorced, there was an opinion that Song Hye Hyo was not a suitable woman as a wife, a mother because she liked the freedom, did not want to be bound by husband and wife.Perhaps that is why the old interview of Song Hye Kyo is hot again, proving that Song Hye Kyo always yearns for a married life, becoming a wife and mother.
In an old interview, Song Hye Kyo shared that she always looked at her mother to live. She hopes, when I have children, I will treat my children like a friend and see my children grow up over the years. In an interview in September 2014, Song Hye Kyo also affirmed that when she got married, she did not give up her career because she did not want her husband and children to take care of her. However, she. also said that during pregnancy, she will still rest.
When asked by a reporter about whether to let her children be an actress or not, Song Hye Kyo suddenly shared that she did not support that: "It is best not to become an actor. If it is a boy, then yes. Maybe I will let him try it once, but if it's a girl it won't be good to be an actress. But if they want to do it, I won't stop it but I won't support it. "
Song Hye Kyo