Sung Hoon x Han Bo Reum have a strong first encounter in the upcoming MBN drama "Level Up"

Apr 25, 2019


Story about those who want to create the best new game to save the bankrupt game company. Dante is the general manager of the restructuring company. He is the ace of the company, with perfect work ability and a rough character.


Sung Hoon will take on Anande, the head of Ace headquarters of Yuseong CRC, a restructuring specialist, and challenge the transformation of acting. Andante is the true "tea town man" of this age, with a poker face that does not shine emotions, perfect job handling ability and a bit of a cold blood. I am going to put a lot of effort into my career with the sharp charisma of Seonghoon (Andante), which makes my heart pounding. 


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The company is transforming into a development manager of the dying game company, Joey Buster, and breathes with Sung Hoon. She embarked on a new development to satisfy the new CEO Anandte, but she battled with herself and gave birth to a goddess of love. For example.

Especially, the battle between hot and cold hot man Andante and hot woman who burns passion to make a game of life brings up a strange chemistry and stirs up excitement. Whether the new characters will be able to write a thrilling success myth that the two characters will be born, and the synergy of fantasy that SungHoon and HanBoRim will create is gathering hope. 


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