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Recap: Love Scenery (2021) Episode 12

Apr 10, 2021

Liang Chen was once again invited to sing “I was 18 Years Old That Year” on stage. After the relaxing and joyful melody ended, Lu Jing came to the stage to give flowers.

Recap: Love Scenery (2021) Episode 11

Apr 10, 2021

Volunteer Lu Jing finally got the opportunity to come on stage to present flowers to Liang Chen, but there were no flowers at all, but a doll. When Liang Chen saw Lu Jing, he remembered that he had se

Recap: Plot Love (2021) Episode 7

Apr 10, 2021

While Lu Nan went downstairs to get the shabu, Subei opened the safe and saw a contract for Sanglan Clothing. Because Lu Nan went upstairs at this time, Subei had to give up first.

Lee Je Hoon Delivers Satisfying Revenge Against Evildoers In “Taxi Driver”

Apr 10, 2021

Lee Je Hoon goes on the hunt for predators in new stills from SBS’s “Taxi Driver”!

Recap: Love Scenery (2021) Episode 10

Apr 9, 2021

Lu Jing seemed to hear Liang Chen’s voice. After putting on the headphones, he listened carefully to Liang Chen calling Lu Jing. Liang Chen was anxious to go online and forgot to change your voi

Recap: Love Scenery (2021) Episode 9

Apr 9, 2021

Lu Jing looked in the direction of Liang Chen, squatting on the ground, but was blocked by a big fat man. Lu Jing continued to search for the figure of the small box, only to find a hurried back. Lu J

Recap: Love Scenery (2021) Episode 8

Apr 9, 2021

The curtain was finally closed. Lu Jing also denied his thoughts, thinking that he might have been thinking too much.

Recap: Love Scenery (2021) Episode 7

Apr 9, 2021

Jiayun felt something was wrong. On the way back, he asked the assistant if there was something wrong with Liang Chen today. When looking for the phone today, Liang Chen asked about Jiayun’s bir

Recap: Love Scenery (2021) Episode 6

Apr 9, 2021

Liang Chen came to the hotel to stay and saw the song she wanted to sing or the song she had to sing over and over again. This made her a little upset that she didn’t want to sing this song. Sis