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Jang Ki Yong Opens His Heart Up To Jin Se Yeon As He Carries Her Home In “Born Again”

Jun 8, 2020

KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Born Again” has released new stills of Jang Ki Yong making a secret confession while Jin Se Yeon is asleep.

“Born Again” Cast Gives Warm Thanks To Viewers In Final Remarks

Jun 8, 2020

As KBS’s “Born Again” comes to an end, the cast of the drama shared their love for viewers and their final thoughts!

“Born Again” Actors Radiate Positive Energy And Work Hard In Behind-The-Scene Photos

Jun 8, 2020

The cast of “Born Again” always works hard on the set of their drama!

Lee Soo Hyuk Thanks His Fans "Thanks for cheering, I will do my best to the end" in drama "Born Again"

Jun 2, 2020

Actor Lee Soo Hyuk shared the last impression of the filming of "'Born Again"

Lee Soo Hyuk Holds Jin Se Yeon Close As She Is Lured Into Grave Danger In “Born Again”

Jun 2, 2020

KBS has released new stills of its Monday-Tuesday drama “Born Again” ahead of the upcoming episode.

Lee Soo Hyuk Drunkenly Opens Up To A Concerned Jin Se Yeon In “Born Again”

Jun 1, 2020

“Born Again” tells the story of three people whose lives are intertwined across two lifetimes, one in the 1980s and one in present day, through reincarnation.

Jang Ki Yong And Lee Soo Hyuk Meet A Mystery Figure In Upcoming Episode Of “Born Again”

May 30, 2020

KBS2’s “Born Again” has revealed new stills from the upcoming June 1 episode, in which Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk meet an unexpected character.

Watch: Jin Se Yeon, Jang Ki Yong, And Lee Soo Hyuk Joke Around Behind The Scenes Of “Born Again”

May 29, 2020

KBS 2TV’s “Born Again” released a new behind-the-scenes look at the drama!