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11 Amazing K-Drama OSTs Sung By K-Pop Idols

May 5, 2020

One of the best things about K-dramas is the OSTs. The role of soundtracks is as crucial as the script lines and actors’ performance,...

[K-Star]: Let's watch a series of photos of Song Joong Ki in his films

Sep 20, 2019

After more than 12 years in the profession, Song Joong Ki still has not lost the title of handsome man with every re-export. Besides the indignation of aboriginal lips in "Arthdal Chronicles&

10 Underrated Korean Dramas That You Might Have Missed

May 14, 2019

It is no doubt that korean dramas have captured our hearts completely. We’ve been watching dramas from one show to another. How many kdramas have you watched?

Jo Woo Ri Talks About Her Emotional Struggles After “Descendants Of The Sun,” Working With Cha Eun Woo, And More

Mar 31, 2019

Jo Woo Ri discussed her acting career in a recent interview with BNT International magazine.

An Innocent Love Story With A Gorgeous Cast: What To Watch After “Encounter”

Jan 31, 2019

The romantic K-drama “Encounter,” which graced us with warmth and love this winter season, is officially over...

12 Female K-Drama Characters Who Think For Themselves

Nov 20, 2018

K-dramas are always fun to watch, but they’re even more alluring when the female protagonist remains as a main focus or has an active role in a drama.