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Ji Hyun Woo And Kim So Eun Discuss Their Teamwork In Upcoming Drama “Lonely Enough To Love”

Aug 7, 2020

Ji Hyun Woo and Kim So Eun recently sat down for an interview to talk about their teamwork in the upcoming drama “Lonely Enough to Love.”

Ji Hyun Woo Transforms Into A Sweet Psychiatrist For New Romance Drama “Lonely Enough To Love”

Aug 6, 2020

MBC Every1’s original drama “Lonely Enough to Love” gave a deeper look at Ji Hyun Woo’s character!

Kim So Eun Shares What Drew Her To “Lonely Enough To Love” And How Similar She Is To Her Character

Aug 4, 2020

Kim So Eun has shared why she decided to appear in the upcoming MBC Every1 drama “Lonely Enough to Love”!

Ji Hyun Woo Explains Why He Took Role In “Lonely Enough To Love” And Why He Admires His Character

Aug 4, 2020

Ahead of the premiere of MBC Every1’s upcoming drama “Lonely Enough to Love,” Ji Hyun Woo sat down to discuss his reason for choosing to appear in the drama as well as his thoughts on his role.

Kim So Eun And Park Gun Il Share A Cute Piggyback Ride In New Romance Drama

Aug 1, 2020

The upcoming MBC every1 drama “Lonely Enough to Love” has released new stills of Kim So Eun and Park Gun Il.

B1A4’s Gongchan Transforms Into Stoic And Handsome Bodyguard In New Drama Starring Kim So Eun And Ji Hyun Woo

Jul 27, 2020

MBC every1’s original drama “Can’t Be Bothered to Date, But Don’t Want to Be Lonely” (literal title) has shared a first glimpse of B1A4’s Gongchan as his new character!

Ji Hyun Woo Is A Romantic While Kim So Eun Is A Realist In Upcoming Romance Drama

Jul 23, 2020

MBC Every1’s original drama “Lonely Enough to Love” has shared a new glimpse of Ji Hyun Woo and Kim So Eun as their new characters.