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The list of projects that Lee Jong Suk wears uniforms, both handsome and cool.

Nov 26, 2019

Perhaps because of his youthful appearance, Lee Jong Suk's dramas often play a student. Lee Jong Suk is now in his thirties, but wearing a school uniform is his forte

[K-Drama]: 5 handsome guys love older sisters in Korean films

Sep 25, 2019

Romance is still a hot topic on Korean films. With excellent looks and warm sweetness, no matter how old the heroine is then 6 actors can still create sweet chemical reactions that make the audience l

[K-Star]: Lee Jong Suk is suspicious of dating Kwon Nara

Aug 1, 2019

[K-Star]: Lee Jong Suk is suspicious of dating Kwon Nara

Wi Ha Joon Talks About His Bromance With Lee Jong Suk In Real Life And In “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

Mar 24, 2019

Wi Ha Joon shared his thoughts on his latest drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” in a recent interview.

Lee Jong Suk And Lee Na Young Share Sweet Moments As “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Reaches Final Chapter

Mar 17, 2019

The final chapter of Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk’s sweet romance on “Romance is a Bonus Book” is about to unfold.