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“Train To Busan” Sequel “Peninsula” Confirms Release Date

Jun 25, 2020

“Peninsula,” the sequel film to “Train to Busan,” has set a release date!

Lee Jung Hyun Reveals Why Child Actress Lee Re Suddenly Got Shy Around “Peninsula” Co-Star Kang Dong Won

Jun 21, 2020

Lee Jung Hyun shared a cute story about child actress Lee Re getting shy around their “Peninsula” co-star Kang Dong Won!

“Train To Busan” Sequel “Peninsula” Unveils First Posters

Feb 28, 2020

The first posters have been revealed for “Peninsula,” the highly-anticipated sequel to “Train to Busan”!

Distributor Of “Train To Busan” Sequel Film “Peninsula” Responds To Reports Of 2020 Release Date

Dec 3, 2019

The distributor of “Peninsula,” the sequel to the hit film “Train to Busan,” has responded to reports that they have decided on an exact premiere date.