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“The Penthouse 3” Remains No. 1 On Most Buzzworthy Drama List For 2nd Week + Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Tops Actor Rankings

Jun 16, 2021

SBS’s “The Penthouse 3” successfully held onto its spot at No. 1 on the list of most buzzworthy dramas this week!


Go Min Si, Lee Do Hyun, Geum Sae Rok, And Lee Sang Yi Reflect On “Youth Of May” + Share Their Favorite Scenes

Jun 10, 2021

Following the conclusion of “Youth of May,” the main cast has shared their favorite scenes from the drama!

‘Youth of May’ Cast Details Experience Filming the JTBC Melodrama +Express Heartfelt Gratitude to Fans

Jun 10, 2021

"Youth of May" cast members Go Min Si, Lee Do Hyun, Geum Sae Rok, and Lee Sang Yi bid their farewell as the KBS melodrama reached its season finale.

Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si Share Thoughts on Upcoming ‘Youth of May’ Finale

Jun 8, 2021

"Youth of May" stars Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si reflect on their experience and talk about the upcoming finale of the KBS series.

Recap: Youth of May (2021) Episode 9-10

Jun 3, 2021

Well… We knew it was coming. Our characters are thrown into a literal war zone, where there is no reason or mercy.

“Youth Of May” Takes Back No. 1 Spot As “Racket Boys” Sees Drop In Ratings For 2nd Episode

Jun 2, 2021

KBS’s “Youth of May” rose in ratings to take back its spot at the top of its time slot.

Lee Do Hyun And Go Min Si Get Swept Up In A Dangerous Uprising In “Youth Of May”

May 31, 2021

Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si will get tangled up in a dangerous situation in the upcoming episode of KBS’s “Youth of May.” “Youth of May” is a romance