'The wind blows' Kam Woo Sung X Kim Ha Neul released main poster to emotional sensibility

The two men and women who fall in love again after the farewell show the romance that protects yesterday's memory and tomorrow's love. The meeting between Gam Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul, who have left the Melo masterpiece that has been reported so far, expects the birth of a differentiated emotional melody. 

The main poster, which was unveiled on the day, captivated by the sensibility synergies of Gam Woo Sung and Kim Hae Sung. The backsides of two people who do not keep an eye on each other stimulate a faint sensibility and wonder about Do Dae Cheol and Lee Soo Jin 's special and sweet romance. 

Though it is as warm and springy as the spring sunshine, it makes a brilliant smile, but Kim 's atmosphere disappears as the wind disperses. I do not want to miss such a Kim Ha Heul, but I do not know what to do. 

Here, the phrase "I will not forget all the others, I will not forget her" is added and makes me angry. 

Gam Woo Sung and Kim Hae Neul 's unique sensibility synergy deepens the special romance of' Dhun 'and' Sujin 'falling in love again after the breakup.