Watch: “Arthdal Chronicles” Cast Shows The Relaxed Side Of Rehearsing Intense Scenes

tvN’s “Arthdal Chronicles” released another behind-the-scenes video from filming!
The video starts with Kim Ji Won filming the scene in which her character, Tanya, gives a grand speech. At the end, Jo Sung Ha (who plays Hae Mihol) comes running up the stairs to greet her, as well as Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, and especially Kim Ok Bin (who plays his daughter in the show).
The video cuts to the cast and crew filming the scene in which Eun Seom is tied to a raft and set adrift in the river. Despite the physically gruelling nature of the scene, Song Joong Ki remains professional throughout, checking the monitors after each shot and asking the production staff questions about timing. In one cute encounter, he complains to a staff member that the sun is too bright and they hold up a tiny leaf in front of his face to “shield” his eyes.
Although Jang Dong Gun (who plays Tagon) displayed great action prowess during the scene in which he fights off numerous assassins, the video shows the many rehearsals it took to get each shot right. On several occasions, Jang Dong Gun freezes up and forgets which move he’s supposed to do next. In the end, however, he’s able to complete the scenes successfully.
Rehearsals for the scene in which Eun Seom and Ipsaeng (played by Kim Sung Cheol) are rescued by the Myo clan have a more relaxed vibe. Everyone is dressed in modern black parkas over their costumes and go through the motions just to have an idea of what their characters will be doing in each scene. For example, in a rehearsal for a shot in which they run away, Song Joong Ki climbs over the fence slowly and gives a smile to the camera.
Check out the clip below!
Source: Soompi