Watch: EXO’s Kai Shares Details About His Life, His Thoughts On Tattoos, Laughs Over A Concert Mistake, And More

EXO’s Kai has provided more in-depth insight into his life!
Kai recently participated in a photoshoot with W Korea for its September issue. Following the photoshoot, the EXO member took time to answer 56 questions posed by the magazine.
When asked what he had been up to lately, Kai answered that the sixth concert for “EXO Planet #5 – EXplOration” tour came to an end. He also talked about a mistake that he made during the concert that only he knows, which was that he ripped his pants during performance.
Kai was also asked if anything has happened to him lately as “Kim Jongin” instead of Kai, and he pointed out the fake tattoos he got which were based off his father’s drawings. When asked if he’d ever get a real tattoo, Kai said, “No, never.”
The EXO member also revealed that he enjoys spending time alone, and even though he’s gotten better at tolerating alcohol, he does not drink often. When asked why, Kai answered, “I’ve been wanting to drink more lately. However, I cannot find the time to do so while filming.”
Kai continued to share more details about himself and concluded the interview by saying, “This interview was really fun. I had a lot of fun with the photoshoot, and I think this will become a good memory for me. I also hope that this becomes a good memory to those who are watching right now. I hope you have fun while watching this, and please show a lot of love for EXO as well.”
Check out the full video below with English subtitles!
Source: Soompi
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