Watch: Im Siwan Meets His Strange Dorm Mates In Chilling Teaser For “Strangers From Hell”

OCN’s upcoming drama “Strangers From Hell” has released a new teaser!
The drama is a mystery thriller about an aspiring novelist named Yoon Jong Woo (played by Im Siwan) who moves to Seoul to pursue his dreams, but is thrust into an unexpected hell due to the strange residents of his dorm.
In the teaser, Yoon Jong Woo checks out Eden Dormitory, his dingy new home, for the first time. When Uhm Bok Soon (played by Lee Jung Eun), the owner of the dormitory, asks, “You’re not from Seoul, are you?” he replies, “I’m from [a town] outside of Seoul.”
As Yoon Jong Woo walks around Eden Dormitory, he is introduced to its strange residents. When Hong Nam Bok (played by Lee Joong Ok) eyes him for a second too long, Yoon Jong Woo frowns as he asks, “What are you staring at?” The clip then flashes to Hong Nam Bok, who stands alone in the hallway, holding a knife behind his back.
The teaser then cycles through clips of its residents slapping themselves in the face, digging a hole in the ground, and trying to remove an ankle bracelet. The video also introduces the character Seo Moon Jo (played by Lee Dong Wook), a dentist who lives in the eerie dormitory. As Uhm Bok Soon narrates, “There’s only fine young people left [in the dormitory], right?” Yoon Jong Woo wears an uneasy expression as he faces Seo Moon Jo, who looks relaxed and slightly pleased.
The clip finally ends with Yoon Jong Woo shouting and shoving a man in frustration.
Check out the clip below!
“Strangers From Hell” premieres on August 31 at 10:30 p.m.
Source: Soompi