Watch: Jang Nara And Lee Sang Yoon Introduce “VIP” Characters Behind The Scenes Of Drama Poster Shoot

SBS released a new behind-the-scenes video of the poster shoot for its upcoming drama “VIP”!
The drama is about a task force in charge of taking care of VIP customers of a department store, and it tells the stories of working women surviving in the workforce and their marriages.
Introducing her character and the concept for the photo shoot, Jang Nara said, “Na Jung Sun is the deputy chief of the VIP task force at Sungwoon Department Store. She’s a highly skilled, very cool woman.” She added, “We’re shooting the posters as if we’re the VIPs, and the overall vibe is of secrecy, where each character is hiding something.”
Lee Sang Yoon introduced his character, Park Sung Joon, who is married to Na Jung Sun. He said, “He has a secret that he is unable to reveal to his wife, and he is the team leader of the VIP task force.”
Lee Chung Ah plays Lee Hyun Ah, the manager of the VIP task force. She said, “Hyun Ah is the ace of the task force. She can seem a bit cold, but she is more passionate than anyone, and she’s a very admirable person who loves her work.”
Kwak Sun Young also took a couple of moments to introduce her character Song Mi Na. “Mi Na is a working mom who does it all: work, childcare, and household duties.”
Pyo Ye Jin, who plays On Yoo Ri, said, “Yoo Ri is a new member of the VIP task force. She’s a bit lacking in everything, but stayed tuned to see how she grows and changes after she joins the team.”
“VIP” premieres on October 28 and will be available on Dramacool.
Go behind the scenes of the poster shoot below:
Source: Soompi