Watch: Jeon Somi’s School Friend Confesses His Love For Her On New Variety Show

Jeon Somi cannot believe what she hears from her friend!
In a preview for the first episode of Mnet’s new variety show “Guess My Next Move V2,” Jeon Somi appears with her friends from school.
They sit around a table with a lie detector, and one of her friends asks her friend named Young Joon, “Have you ever liked Somi romantically?” Young Joon turns beet red, and Somi comments on how cute he is.
The video cuts to a past footage of their class taking graduation photos, where Young Joon hands her a rose saying, “How about using this? I found it on the ground on my way here.”
Back at the table, Young Joon finally responds, “Yes,” to the original question, and the lie detector verifies that he’s telling the truth.
“Guess My Next Move V2” is a show where panelists watch footage of the guest’s daily life and compete as “related personnel” and “unrelated personnel” to guess the next course of action the guest will take in the footage. Lee Sang Min, Boom, DinDin, and Jung Hye Sung are cast members on the “unrelated personnel” team, while Jeon Somi’s close acquaintances Zion.T and CLC’s Eunbin appeared on the show as her “related personnel.” The show is hosted by announcer Jang Sung Kyu.
The first episode featuring Jeon Somi is set to air on June 27 at 8 p.m. KST.
Watch the full preview below!
Source: Soompi