Watch: Ji Chang Wook And Won Jin Ah Aren’t Ready For Their Life-Changing Freezing Project In “Melting Me Softly”

Sep 10, 2019

tvN’s upcoming drama “Melting Me Softly” has released a new trailer!
“Melting Me Softly” will tell the story of a man and a woman who participate in a science project of freezing humans for 24 hours, but due to mysterious circumstances, they wake up 20 years later.
Ji Chang Wook takes on the role of accomplished producing director (PD) Ma Dong Chan, who can make a hit out of any variety show he produces, while Won Jin Ah plays Go Mi Ran, a part-time employee at a broadcasting station. Yoon Se Ah was cast as Na Ha Young, the bureau chief of a broadcasting company whose heart has frozen and left her cold after the disappearance of her partner, Ma Dong Chan.
In the teaser, the three leads show off their contrasting personalities. The year is 1999, and Ji Chang Wook is cool and calm as he remarks, “That person is perfect for the freezing project.” The clip suddenly flashes to Won Jin Ah, who lets out a shout as she dances, eats, and bickers to her heart’s desire. Yoon Se Ah calmly lifts a cup of tea to her mouth, showcasing her icy confidence.
Check out the teaser below!
“Melting Me Softly” premieres on September 28 at 9 p.m.
Source: Soompi