Watch: Kim Go Eun And Jung Hae In Are Hopeless Romantics In Touching Trailer For New Film

Upcoming romance film “Tune In for Love” has released a new trailer!
“Tune In for Love” is a romance film about Mi Soo (Kim Go Eun) and Hyun Woo (Jung Hae In), who coincidentally reconnect after knowing each other for many years. While their timing was never right, the film draws the story of how the pair eventually find their way to each other.
The trailer begins with DJ Yoo Yeol narrating, “There’s someone you desperately wish to meet, right? How can we meet that person?” The clip follows Mi Soo and Hyun Woo’s relationship throughout the years of 1994, 1997, 2000, and 2005.
Although Mi Soo and Hyun Woo enjoy a sweet, innocent love in 1994, they begin to grow apart. As Mi Soo closes down her shop, she comments, “I’m sad that I can’t contact you. To be honest, I waited for you back then.”
Their reunion a few years later is a heartwarming moment, but they’re unable to maintain these warm feelings. As their relationship progresses, Hyun Woo and Mi Soo are faced with challenges they weren’t expecting. The trailer flashes to clips of a police station, Mi Soo in tears, and Hyun Woo throwing a brick through a car window. He comments, “I wanted to go back. So much.”
Check out the clip below!
“Tune In for Love” premieres on August 28.
Source: Soompi