Watch: Lee Dong Wook And Jo Bo Ah Are Playful While Filming Romantic Scenes In “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed”

Nov 2, 2020

tvN’s “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” has released a montage of behind-the-scenes clips from Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah’s romantic scenes!
The making-of video begins with Jo Bo Ah purposefully trying to get her clothes wet to make the scene appear more realistic. Concerned, Lee Dong Wook quickly tells her that it’s good enough. When he carries Jo Bo Ah away, Lee Dong Wook playfully pretends to toss her down but actually lets her down gently.
Jo Bo Ah and Lee Dong Wook also practice their lines together and comfort each other during emotional scenes. In another behind-the-scenes clip, Lee Dong Wook looks after Jo Bo Ah and massages her hand because she has indigestion. He asks, “Does it hurt?” and Jo Bo Ah replies, “I don’t think you’re pressing hard.” However, when he asks if he should massage harder, Jo Bo Ah replies, “No,” putting Lee Dong Wook at a loss.
While filming the beer drinking scene, Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah compare their preferences. Although Lee Dong Wook begins by asking normal questions such as, “Sea or mountain?” he starts to ask sillier questions such as “King Kong by Starship or SidusHQ?”
Finally, Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah have a blast filming an eating scene together. The two can’t stop laughing as Lee Dong Wook pretends to suffer from eating spicy food.
Watch the full making-of video below!
“Tale of the Nine-Tailed” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. KST.
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Source: [Soompi]