Watch: Lee Na Young And Lee Jong Suk Convey Their Emotions Through Books In New Drama Teaser

Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young are ready to bring a sweet romance to viewers with their new tvN weekend drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”!
“Romance is a Bonus Book” will be a romantic comedy set in a publishing company. It will tell the story of Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young), who was once one of the greatest copywriters but is now struggling to find work, and Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk), a star writer and an idol of the literature world. The drama aims to bring the laughs and warm viewers’s hearts as it weaves a complicated, realistic, and relatable story of people who live to make books.
The teasers show the two lead characters and how they’ve captivated each other. In Lee Na Young’s teaser, she turns to a page in her book that reads, “If there was a day I would want to turn back time and go back to, it would be that moment.” She smiles as she catches Lee Jong Suk’s silhouette behind a bookcase.
Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk is leaning against a bookcase when he turns the page of his book and it reads, “The reason I stopped believing in love was Kang Dan Yi.” His eyes sparkle like he realized something, and he smiles warmly as he looks up, seeing Lee Na Young in the distance.
With the pair trying to carefully read each other’s emotions like a book, viewers are excited to see how their tagline of “And so, our new chapter began,” will play out. “Romance is a Bonus Book” will premiere on tvN on January 26 at 9 p.m. KST.

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