Watch: “Melting Me Softly” Cast Displays Easy Chemistry Behind The Scenes

Oct 8, 2019

tvN has revealed a new behind-the-scenes video of “Melting Me Softly.”
The drama is a romantic comedy about a man and a woman who participate in a project where they’re to be frozen for 24 hours. But due to a mysterious scheme, they end up waking up 20 years later.
In the latest clips, Ji Chang Wook is acting alongside actor Im Won Hee. The two display an easy chemistry as they shoot a scene in which Im Won Hee slaps Ji Chang Wook’s hand. The director asks Im Won Hee to slap Ji Chang Wook’s hand loudly, so the actor gets in some practice slaps, surprising Ji Chang Wook and making him laugh.
Ji Chang Wook and Im Won Hee then take some time between takes to watch a little bit of “Laborhood on Hire,” a variety show they were scheduled to appear on together.
Ji Chang Wook says, “They say it’s really hard.” Im Won Hee expresses concern for what’s to come, and laughing, Ji Chang Wook adds, “It’s a show where you just work all day.”
In the final cuts, Won Jin Ah plays around with an old school phone and shoots a scene in which her character reunites with her childhood friends, who are now 20 years older while she has remained the same. The veteran actresses who play the older friends have fun with improvisations, and after the scene is over, the cast takes a friendly photo together.
Watch the behind-the-scenes video below:
Source: Soompi