Watch: Shin Sung Rok And Go Won Hee Butt Heads In New “Perfume” Teaser

“Perfume” has released a new teaser that showcases the tumultuous relationship between the two leads!
The upcoming KBS 2TV drama is a fantasy romance that tells the story of Seo Yi Do (played by Shin Sung Rok), a genius but neurotic fashion designer in a creative slump, and Min Ye Rin (played by Go Won Hee), a mysterious fashion model who has been to hell and back. The two gain a second chance at life through a magical perfume.
The clip introduces viewers to the hidden sides of the main characters. For instance, Seo Yi Do is capable at work, but he falls down in terror at the sight of a small dog. Min Ye Rin, on the other hand, is revealed to be an overweight woman whose life is full of misfortune. However, due to a mysterious perfume, she appears in front of Seo Yi Do as a much slimmer version of herself and asks him to make her into a model.
The two characters are shown to be constantly at odds, with Seo Yi Do saying, “Because of that person, nothing is going right. It’s ominous. Very ominous.” But at the end of the preview, Seo Yi Do discovers Min Ye Rin back in her original state, leaving viewers curious as to how this might affect their relationship.
Check out the teaser below!
“Perfume” begins airing on June 3 at 10 p.m.
Source: Soompi