Who is Kim Nam Gil - actor who occupied the top 1 of Dispatch on 01/01/2020?

Jan 7, 2020

The "SBS Drama Awards 2019" ceremony closed with the noble Daesang award for actor Kim Nam Gil after the unexpected success of the drama "The Fiery Priest". The convincing victory has made the actor's name become hotter than ever, even he won the top 1 Dispatch homepage during the first day of the new year.



Kim Nam Gil – Nam diễn viên chiếm top 1 trang chủ Dispatch suốt ngày 01/01/2020 là ai?

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Kim Nam Gil was born in 1981 and debuted as an actor in 1999, at the time he only had minor roles in dramas. For 10 consecutive years, his reputation has just stopped at a normal level.

The film that brought Kim Nam Gil closer to the audience was thanks to the role of Bidam in the historical drama "Queen Seon Duk" in 2009. Although only starring as second male, the character Bidam played by Kim Nam Gil has captured the hearts of viewers thanks to his sincere portrayal of the tragedy in love of the couple. The unexpected attraction of the role has made the screenwriters decide to increase the acting area for the guy despite the somewhat wrong direction with history.



Nữ hoàng Seon Deok là bệ đỡ sáng giá nhất của Kim Nam Gil.


Vai diễn Bidam chiếm trọn trái tim người xem.


In the following years, Kim Nam Gil's career continued to develop. In 2010, he collaborated with Han Ga In in the psychological drama "Bad Guy". Initially the film was very popular, but because of that time Kim Nam Gil suddenly had to go to military service, so the subsequent scenes had to use a stuntman so the film quality also dropped. . However, viewership ratings remained high until the end.


Hình tượng gã trai hư lấy đi nước mắt người xem.

Bad Guy (2010) with Han Ga In


Kim Nam Gil returned to the small screen race in 2013 with the re-production "Shark" with Son Ye Jin. Taking the theme of love and revenge "Shark" attracted a large audience, this couple of screen was also enthusiastically supported by fans for true love movies thanks to their beauty.


Cá mập cùng Son Ye Jin.




2019 can be said to be a very meaningful year for Kim Nam Gil after 20 years of debut as an actor. "The Fiery Priest" by him with the participation of Lee Honey, Kim Sung Gyun, Go Joon, ... has achieved many remarkable achievements. Not only setting the record for the highest viewership of SBS in 2019, "The Fiery Priest" also helped Kim Nam Gil win awards at year-end awards ceremonies. In particular, the noble Daesang award at the "SBS Drama Awards" has become the most memorable milestone of the actor throughout his career.


Vai diễn Linh mục giúp Kim Nam Gil càn quét các giải thưởng.


Giành giải Daesang của SBS.


In 2020, Kim Nam Gil will return to the big screen with the movie "Closet" starring Ha Jung Woo. The film will be released in February 2020.



Trở lại với phim điện ảnh Closet trong 2020.

Movie "Closet"


Kết hợp cùng nam tài tử Ha Jung Woo.


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