Why did Jisoo (Blackpink) take the female lead, starring with Jung Hae In?

Nov 19, 2020

Recently, a reporter revealed how female idol Jisoo can overcome many competitors to take the female lead role in JTBC's drama "Snowdrop",starring with Jung Hae In.
Jung Hae In
"Snowdrop" is based on a true memoir of a North Korean political prisoner who escaped in 1987. The film is set in the past, combining the emotions of a touching love story in college learn, with a mystery and action suspense.
Jung Hae In will play the role of Im Soo Ho - a Korean who grew up in Germany and is hiding an untold secret. Soo Ho will show the audience that he is an attractive and mysterious guy. He is a graduate student from a prestigious university. One day, the male lead suddenly rushed down to the dormitory of a girls' university, with his body covered with blood.
Jung Hae In
Jisoo will portray the character Cho Eun Young, an intelligent and cheerful student. She is a freshman majoring in English literature at Hosoo Women's College. On one night, Eun Young discovered Im Soo Ho. She helps him hide his identity and take care of his injuries even in the face of danger under the strict supervision of the dorm staff.
Jung Hae In
Journalist Kim Ga Young gave interviews about how the drama chose the female lead. Since "Snowdrop" is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2021, the competition for the female lead has been particularly fierce. Kim Ga Young revealed that there are many actresses who have challenged the role during auditions. There were even famous actresses on casting, but in the end Jisoo was chosen.
During a secret press event, Jisoo especially impressed journalists. It was said that she was very confident in answering questions, and even showed off her "hard-working" side by taking a quick note of the questions posed. Jisoo looked the reporters directly in the eyes and answered sincerely, making a deep impression.